March 2017 Fumigation Schedule

Please be informed that we shall conduct our monthly PEST CONTROL TREATMENT on March 11 and 12 (Saturday and Sunday) 2017, from 8am to 5pm. We encourage all unit owners to have their units checked and treated for infestation.

Children are not advised to go out during this time. Kindly keep and safeguard your personal belongings as well, during spraying of units and misting on hallways.

for your information, out of 498 residential units, only a total of 45 units, or just 9%, availed of the pest control treatment to reduce/eradicarte the presence of ants/flies/cockroaches at their units last February 2017. Therefore, 91% missed the chance to help CPTI gradually get rid of the pests and insects around us. There are around 450 units that served as breeding places for the pests. Unless we all cooperate in our efforts to slowly remove them, we can expect that they will always be around and pose as hazards to our health and well-being.

Please contact our Lobby Guard at telephone # 888.6412 for those who want to avail of our service. We need everybody's cooperation.

For your information and proper guidance. Thank you.


The CPTI Administration


Last modified on Thursday, 27 April 2017 18:32
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